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Tuesday, 15 July

Poster Session 1 includes 18 peer-reviewed research posters. Posters included in this session present a discrete and completed research project, with clear findings and/or conclusions.

Poster 1:
Situational Awareness and Levels of Autonomous Driving
Poster 2: Agent-based Modeling and Simulation Framework for Automated Vehicles
Poster 3: Enhancing Active Safety by Autonomous Driving Intelligence System Based on Experienced Driver Behavior Model
Poster 4: Travel and Environmental Implications of a Shared Automated Fleet, with Varying Levels of Dynamic Ridesharing
Poster 5: Enforcing Liveness in Autonomous Traffic Management
Poster 6: Quantitative Benefits and Costs of Vehicle Automation
Poster 7: Autonomous Driving – Aspects of Acceptance in a Sociotechnical Transformation Process
Poster 8: Assessing the Impact Energy Impact of Dedicated Lanes and Vehicle Platooning
Poster 9: Energy Use Implications of Partial Light Duty Vehicle Automation
Poster 10: The Tension Between Autonomous Cars’ Impacts on Junction [Intersection] Capacity and Occupant Comfort
Poster 11: Valuing the Convenience of Autonomous Vehicles
Poster 12: Vehicle Pre-clustering: An Intersection Control Strategy with Emerging Communication and Control Technologies
Poster 13: Assessing the Potential of Automated Vehicle Technologies in Expanding the Consumer Market for Battery Electric Vehicles
Poster 14: Lawyers and Engineers Can Speak the Same Robot Language
Poster 15: A Review of Merging Strategies for Automated Vehicle Platoons
Poster 16: Modeling the Energy Use of a Connected and Automated Transportation System
Poster 17: Class 8 Tractor Trailer Platooning Effects on Fuel Economy Over a Range of Speeds, Distances, and Mass

Wednesday, 16 July

Poster Session 2 includes 22 posters showcasing a broad range of contents in the field of vehicle automation. These posters include a wide range of topics and activities including introductions to research centers or programs, research agendas, prospective studies, and work in progress.

Poster 1: Developing Laboratory Test Capabilities to Supplement On-Road Autonomous Vehicle Development
Poster 2: Vehicle Automation and the Law of the Newly Possible
Poster 3: Potential Applications of Currently Available Automated Transit Network Technologies
Poster 4: Autonomous Vehicle Technology: A Guide for Policymakers
Poster 5: Using Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control (CACC) to Form High-Performance Vehicle Streams
Poster 6: Partial Automation for Truck Platooning
Poster 7: Human Factors of Automated Driving: Towards Predicting the Effects of Authority Transitions on Traffic Flow Efficiency
Poster 8: Road Weather and Automated Vehicles
Poster 9: FHWA Office of Operations Research and Development Connected Automation Research
Poster 10: Southeast Michigan 2014 Connected Vehicle System Implementation
Poster 11: HF Auto - Human Factors of Automated Driving : Legal Aspects and Market Perspective of Highly Automated Driving
Poster 12: The Role and Design of Communication System for Automated Driving
Poster 13: Demonstrating How to Reduce Oil Consumption and Achieve Emission-Free Mobility as Connected, Automated Vehicle Travel    Rises
Poster 14: Macro Economic Impact of Autonomous Vehicles 
Poster 15: Using Driving Simulation to Examine Human Factors Issues in Vehicle Automation
Poster 16: Connected and Autonomous Vehicles 2040 Vision 
Poster 17: Automated Driving in Relation to Today’s Use and Ownership of Cars 
Poster 18: Regulatory Issues and Potential Strategies for More Highly Automated Vehicles
Poster 19: Crash-Imminent Scenarios and Driver Models for Safety Evaluation in Vehicular Automation
Poster 20: Towards a European Roadmap on Key Technologies for Automated Driving
Poster 21: Research Activities on Automated Driving in Germany 
Poster 22: Evaluation Methodology for Supervised Automated Driving Including Impact Analysis on Safety and Environment