Thursday, 17 July

Room: Grand Peninsula D

7:00-8:00am Registration and Continental Breakfast
8:00-8:10am Symposium Welcome
  Mark R. Norman, Director, Technical Activities, Transportation Research Board
U.S. Department of Transportation Address
  Kevin Dopart, Program Manager for Connected Vehicle Safety and Automation, Intelligent Transportation Systems Joint Program Office, U.S. Department of Transportation 

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Address
  Nat Beuse, Associate Administrator, Vehicle Safety Research,  National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 

8:50-9:10am  U.S. Department of Energy Address
   Mr. Patrick Davis, Vehicle Technologies Program Manager, U.S. Department of Energy

European Commission Address
  Representative for the European Commission

Japan Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Address
  Takumi Yamamoto, Director, ITS Policy & Program Office, Road Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

California Department of Motor Vehicles Address
  Dr. Bernard C. Soriano, Deputy Director, Risk Management, California Department of Motor Vehicles 

10:10-10:30am Networking Break
10:30am-12:15pm Presentations of Results from Breakout Sessions
12:15-12:30pm Closing Comments
12:30 - 1:45pm Lunch Break (not provided)
1:45 - 3:15pm

Ancillary Meeting
US DOT Listening Session

This listening session will allow U.S. DOT staff to present and receive feedback from the stakeholders on active research projects related to vehicle automation.  The audience would be encouraged to comment on the technical details of these projects and to also identify potential follow-on or related research.  The following projects will be presented by U.S. DOT staff:

  • Developing a 5-Year Program Plan for Vehicle Automation – Kevin Gay, Volpe Center

    This presentation will describe the process utilized by the U.S. DOT in developing a 5-year multimodal research program plan for automation, including the development of proposed visions, roles, and goals for the U.S. DOT Automation Program.


  • Accessible Transportation Technologies Research Initiative – Mohammed Yousuf, FHWA

    This presentation will recap the recent efforts to develop a vision, mission, goals, and roadmap for accessible transportation and how automation can help achieve those goals.


  • Framework for Estimating the Benefits of Automation – Dale Thompson, ITS JPO

    This presentation will describe the process to develop a framework to estimate the potential safety, mobility, energy and environmental benefits of technologies contributing to the automation of the nation’s surface transportation system. 


  • Improving Safety Through Automation, Program Update – Paul Rau, NHTSA

    This presentation will outline NHTSA’s research approach to assessing the safety impacts of emerging automation technologies and will provide brief updates on agency’s initial set of research projects underway.


  • New Research in Truck Platooning – Osman Altan, FHWA

    This presentation will describe two projects currently underway at FHWA which involve the testing, demonstration, and deployment of automated vehicle systems for truck platoons.


Session Moderator:  Kevin Dopart, Program Manager for Connected Vehicle Safety and Automaton, ITS JPO