Phil Magney

Phil Magney

Phil Magney is an automotive electronic expert with over 25 years’ experience in active safety systems, automated vehicle systems and telematics. He is the Founder and Principal Advisor of Vision Systems Intelligence (VSI), the leading global researcher and advisory firm on autonomous vehicle enabling technologies.

VSI has mapped the entire value chain for autonomous vehicle systems from raw components to complete systems. VSI has also examined the entire development tool chain from modeling to simulation to validation.

VSI’s research portals examine companies, products and technologies for autonomous vehicle development, with the entire value chain - from sensors to processors to control systems to complete vehicles - mapped out.

As a means of gaining a deeper understanding of automation building blocks, VSI recently established VSI Labs for examining key hardware and software components used for active safety and automated driving. The purpose of this activity is not to create a better self-driving car, but rather to examine the latest in AV enablement technologies - sensor modules, sensor fusion packages, development kits, domain controllers, driver monitoring, localization assets, inertia measurement, V2X, and more.

Before founding VSI, Phil was co-founder and president of Telematics Research Group (TRG), which was acquired by iSuppli in 2008 where he was VP of Automotive. When iSuppli was acquired by IHS a few years later, Phil became Head of IHS Automotive Technology Group. Phil regularly speaks at leading conferences globally and is often quoted in major media outlets and publications.

Outside the office, Phil is an avid motorsports competitor and 2016 Central Division champion with a 1997 Porsche Carrera S.