Breakout 15: CAV Scenarios for High-Speed, Controlled Access Facilities

Breakout 15: CAV Scenarios for High-Speed, Controlled Access Facilities

Tuesday, July 11, 1:30 PM – 5:30 PM
Golden Gate 2


  • Christopher Poe, TTI
  • Steve Kuciemba, WSP
  • James Colyar, FHWA
  • Taylor Lochrane, FHWA
  • Greg Krueger, HNTB
  • Nick Wood, TTI
  • Patrick Vu, VTA
  • Angela Jacobs, FHWA
  • Alex Skabardonis, UC Berkeley
  • Tim Gates, Michigan State University
  • Jon Obenberger, FHWA


This session will focus on scenario planning for CAV (Connected and Automated Vehicles) on freeways and managed lanes. Through a series of presentations and break-out group discussions, dialogue with audience participants will be a critical component as we explore specific scenario development with operational and real-world implementation issues at the forefront. This session is being developed with joint involvement from Freeway Operations, ITS, Managed Lanes, Highway Capacity and Quality of Service, and Traffic Control Device Committees. The goals of this session are:

  1. Discussion of likely CAV scenarios for high-speed, controlled access facilities
  2. Identification of infrastructure needs (roadway & ITS) to support the CAV scenarios
  3. Identification of near term implementation opportunities
  4. Discussion and identification of research needs


1:30 PM Opening Discussion: Welcome and Introductions
Moderator: Christopher Poe, TTI

  • Introductions around the room
  • Brief overview of the afternoon
  • Research Needs from the Sponsoring TRB Committees

1:40 PM Perspectives
Moderator: Steve Kuciemba, WSP

  • Infrastructure Owner Operator Perspective, Greg Larson, Caltrans
  • Vehicle Perspective, Roger Berg, Denso
  • Infrastructure Vendor Perspective, Sinan Yordem, 3M
  • Emerging Technology Perspective, Casey Emoto, VTA

2:30 PM Presentation of Scenarios - What is the general operational concept for the given CAV scenario? (Presenters will also serve as facilitators)

  • Temporary traffic control event (work zone or incident scenario), Greg Kreuger, HNTB
  • Truck automation and truck platooning on controlled access facility, Mike Lukuc, TTI
  • CAVs allowed on Freeways In Mixed Traffic, Alex Skabardonis, UC Berkeley
  • Transit & Shared Mobility using CAV on Dedicated Managed Lanes, Nick Wood, TTI

2:40 PM Breakout Part 1 - Near Term - timeframe of 1-5 years

  • What are the infrastructure (roadway, ITS) needs to support the scenario?
  • What additional traffic control needs would be required?
  • What are ideas on implementation ready technologies?

3:40 PM Short Break

3:50 PM Breakout Part 2 - Long Term - timeframe of 5+ years

  • How data gathered from CAVs can support agencies with facility operation?
  • What are possible private and public sector business case ideas?
  • What are the design (geometric, traffic control, ITS) issues for the facility to accommodate CAVs?

4:50 PM Session Wrap-Up
Moderators: Christopher Poe, TTI & Steve Kuciemba, WSP

  • Summarize what near term issues need to be discussed further in upcoming conferences and workshops
  • Summarize identified research needs that could be expanded into formal research needs statements supported by the sponsoring TRB Committees.

5:00 PM Adjourn

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