Breakout 21: Connected and Automated Vehicles in Traffic Signal Systems

Breakout 21: Connected and Automated Vehicles in Traffic Signal Systems

Wednesday, July 12, 1:30 PM – 5:30 PM
Continental 8


  • Larry Head, University of Arizona
  • Henry Liu, University of Michigan
  • Young-Jun Moon, The Korea Transport Institute

The goal of this two-part breakout session is to explore opportunities for new approaches to control of signalized intersections (or more broadly controlled junctions) for CAV. This session explores the role of infrastructure and the vehicle in decision making and control decisions and how vehicles and the infrastructure can cooperate to safely and efficiently operate the intersection of roadways.

1:30 PM – 3:00 PM Session 1: Signal Control for Connected and Automated Vehicles Moderator – Mehdi Zamanipour, FHWA

Centralized v.s. Distributed Speed Coordination of Cooperative Vehicles at Intersections

  • Meng Wang, Technical University of Delft

Connected and Automated Driving at an Signalized Intersection – Two Examples of Vehicle-Signal Cooperation

  • Jia Hu, FHWA and Mehdi Zamanipour, FHWA

Dynamic Optimization of Spatial-Temporal Resources for an Isolated Intersection in a Connected and Automated Vehicles Environment

  • Wanjing Ma, Tongji University

Traffic Signal Optimization under the Connected Vehicle Environment

  • Wan Li, Xuegang (Jeff) Ban; University of Washington

Optimal Intersection Control for Automated Vehicles

  • Henry Liu and Yiheng Feng, University of Michigan

3:30 PM – 5:00 PM Session 2: Experience and Research Towards Traffic Management Systems in a Connected and Automated Vehicle Environment
Moderator – Yiheng Feng, University of Michigan

Innovation in Action: Deploying one of the First U.S. Instances of Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Technology in Tampa, Florida

  • Marcus Welz, CEO, Siemens Intelligent Traffic Systems

Managing automated vehicles at signalized intersections

  • Jaap Vreeswijk, MAP Traffic Management

The Capacity and Delay Implications of CAV at Signalized Intersections and How Can be Accounted in the Highway Capacity Manual Approach

  • Eric Ruehr and Alex Skabardonis,

CoVASS Application in Urban Intersections

  • Moon, Young-Jun, The Korea Transport Institute
  • Lee, Sang Heon, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure & Transport (MOLIT)

Group Discussion: Research Needs and Opportunities for Innovative Approach’s to Controlled Junctions in a Connected and Automated Vehicle Environment

  • Henry Liu and Larry Head

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