Breakout #12

Breakout Session #12

"AV-Ready" Cities or "City-Ready AVs?"

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Room: Union Square 19 & 20


  • Stephen Buckley, Transportation Services, City of Toronto
  • Philippe Crist, International Transport Forum
  • Siegfried Rupprecht, Rupprecht Consult
  • Jane Lappin, Toyota Research Institute


While the focus of road automation is still on interurban transport, the major challenges of a full take-up of AV are the complex conditions of inner-urban mobility. How can cities create an environment where AVs are very likely to deliver the promised benefits of increased safety and accessibility, less space consumption, as well as better environmental and economic performance? How should AVs and AV-based services be designed to help create products/ policies that support key policy goals of cities and allow cities meet their multiple functions to more effectively (rather than enhancing mainly the comfort of driving)?

This interactive session addresses some of the key aspects of road automation from an urban policy perspective. The aims are to increase the awareness within the AV community of urban policy needs as well as enabling urban policy makers to better understand the opportunities and issues related to AV when drafting their city’s AV roadmap.


1:30 Welcome and introduction (Jane Lappin)

1:35 What cities need? Urban mobility and road automation
Scene setting presentations by:

  • Philippe Crist, International Transport Forum: Needs, expectations and long-term visions for road automation in cities
  • Natalia de Estevan-Ubeda, Transport for London: What we need and what we do
  • Tim Papandreou, City of San Francisco: What we need and what we do

2:15 How can cities plan for AV? Scenarios of AV introduction:

  • Steve Buckley, Toronto: Scenarios of vehicle automation in Toronto
  • Group discussion “What can cities do to achieve their goals more effectively by creating a supporting AV framework?” based on three different scenarios:
    • “Ownership Leads” [mostly privately owned AVs]
    • “On-Demand Leads” [shared use mobility services]
    • “Ownership - On-Demand Split Outcome” [mixed model]
  • Short group reports

3:15 Coffee Break

3:45 What can industry deliver? AV-service models and technology options for policy makers

  • Industry representatives respond to questions from the audience. Panelists from vehicle and service industries will include Emily Castor, Lyft (t.b.c.) and representatives of the car industry

4:30 What are the next steps? Addressing the transition challenge

  • Siegfried Rupprecht, Rupprecht Consult: How can cities plan for the transition period?
  • Group discussion about short term actions in "AV policy" development ("My city’s AV roadmap"):
    • Transport planning
    • Infrastructure development
    • Governance structures/ service models

5:15 Conclusions

  • What have we learned? What should state/ national government, international organisations do to support cities?

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