Breakout #13

Breakout Session #13

Design and Operational Challenges/Opportunities for Deploying Automated Vehicles on Freeways and Managed Lanes

Wednesday, July 20

Room- Continental 2


  • Christopher Poe, TTI/Freeway Operations
  • Chuck Fuhs, Managed Lanes
  • Casey Emoto, Santa Clara VTA/Managed Lanes
  • Steve Kuciemba PB
  • James Colyar, FHWA/Freeway Operations
  • Greg Krueger, HNTB/ITS
  • Bob Ferlis, FHWA


Freeways and managed lanes may be early deployment sites for automated vehicles. However, infrastructure owners and operators need more research, practical findings, and guidance on preparing for these deployments. This session will use a combination of speaker presentations and panel member discussions to address emerging concepts coming from US DOT, other recently completed research, and TRB publications. The first part of the session will be invited speakers involved with developing guidance such as the TRB Freeway Management and Operations Handbook or describing recently completed research (i.e., from NCHRP and FHWA). The second part of the session will utilize a panel discussion and audience discussion/participation to identify the issues with automated vehicle deployment and freeway/managed lane design and operation and related elements such as transportation management center operation, operational strategies (e.g., active traffic management, integrated corridor management), and ITS technologies.



  • Information sharing on emerging documents and recent research
  • Identify gaps in knowledge for AV deployment on controlled access facilities
  • Identify research needs to be incorporated into collaborative research needs statements of the sponsoring TRB committees

1:30 pm to 3:00 pm: Part 1 – Recent Efforts on CV/AV for Design/Operations
Moderator: Casey Emoto, Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority

  • Summary of AVS 2015 Break out Session: Impact of CV/AV on Traffic Management Centers, Matt Burt, Volpe (invited)
  • Freeway Management and Operations Handbook & Freeway Operations eCircular, Kevin Miller, Kapsch Traffic (invited)
  • Overview of NCHRP 20-102: Impacts of Connected Vehicles and Automated Vehicles on State and Local Agencies, Ray Derr, Transportation Research Board
  • Lessons Learned from Managed Lanes Applicable to CV/AV Dedicated Lanes, Joe Rouse, Caltrans
  • US DOT Project Highlights, Robert Ferlis, Federal Highway Administration

3:30 pm to 5:00 pm: Part 2 – Early Case Studies and Discussion
Moderator: Christopher Poe, Texas A&M Transportation Institute
Panel Discussion

  • Safety Pilot Model Deployment/Ann Arbor Connected Vehicle Test Environment, Steve Kuciemba, WSP I Parsons Brinckerhoff
  • I-710 Truck Lanes, Ali Zaghari, Caltrans (invited)
  • Florida Driver-Assisted Truck Platooning and Tampa CV Pilot, Ed Hutchinson, Florida DOT or Greg Krueger, HNTB (invited)
  • Modular Lanes, Brian Swindell, HDR (invited)

Audience Discussion

  • What do we know about freeway and managed lane performance with CV/AVs?
  • What have we learned about the needed infrastructure to support CV/AV in dedicated lanes?
  • What design guidance is needed by practitioners to incorporate CV/AV in the future?

5:00 – 5:30 pm Wrap-Up/Next Steps

  • What are the high-priority research needs?
  • What can the TRB committees do in the near-term to advance the industry?

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