Breakout #2

Breakout Session #2

Law and Policy as Infrastructure

Tuesday and Wednesday, July 19 & 20

Room- Continental 5 & 6


  • Ellen Partridge, USDOT
  • Karlyn Stanley, RAND
  • Bryant Walker Smith, University of South Carolina, School of Law
  • Susan Spencer, Susan Spencer & Associates
  • Austin Hensel
  • Paul Hemmersbaugh
  • Jim Thiel
  • Catherine Curtis, DOT FTA
  • Jesse Chang, NHTSA
  • James Anderson, RAND


We will explore three key areas that address both U.S. and international hot topics:

  • What U.S. states can and should do to prepare their regulatory and legal frameworks for automated vehicles, and NHTSA’s efforts to assist the states;
  • How international regulators react to NHTSA’s response to Google concerning the definition of “driver” in the context of autonomous vehicles;
  • How can security, privacy, and innovation be balanced in AV data use and ownership?


Tuesday Agenda, July 19
Part 1: 1:30 – 3:30 PM

What Road Authorities Can Do to Prepare for AVs

This panel will explore NHTSA’s policy guidance on best practices for states, if available, as well as engage in a more general discussion of what states can do to update their motor vehicle codes and other regulations, if necessary. We will address whether current state methods and structures of automotive regulation work for automated driving, or do we need new ways?


  • Paul Hemmersbaugh, NHTSA Chief Counsel
  • David Strickland, Venable, LLP
  • Tilly Chang, San Francisco County Transportation Authority
  • Steve Buckley, City of Toronto
  • Sarah Hunter, Head of Public Policy, X (formerly Google X)


  • Bryant Walker Smith, Assistant Professor of Law and (by courtesy) in the School of Engineering, University of South Carolina

Break: 3:30 – 3:40 PM

Part 2: 3:40- – 5:30 PM

What—Not Who--Are You Licensing as a “Driver”?

This will be a lively discussion between a NHTSA lawyer and international regulators about NHTSA’s recent response to Google concerning the definition of “driver” in the context of autonomous vehicles. How do international regulators address the issue of what--not who—is a “driver” for autonomous vehicles?


  • Paul Hemmersbaugh, NHTSA Chief Counsel
  • Tom Alkim, RDW, the Netherlands
  • Marcus Burke, National Transport Commission, Australia
  • Maxime Flament, ERTICO, Belgium
  • Shin Morishita, Cabinet Office of Japanese Government


  • James Anderson, J.D., Senior Behavioral Scientist, RAND Corporation

Wednesday Agenda, July 20
Part 3: 1:30- 3:30 PM

Balancing Security, Privacy, and Innovation in AV Data Use

AVs will increasingly rely on data, raising questions about the use and protection of personally identifiable driver data. Data security and privacy have been described as two sides of the same coin. Commercial innovations like Waze and other navigation and “infotainment” applications rely on data; this panel will examine the inter-relationships between innovation, privacy, and cyber security.


  • Erinn DePorre, J.D., Chrysler Fiat
  • Dr. Jonathan Petit, Security Innovation
  • Dorothy Glancy, J.D., Santa Clara University School of Law
  • Dr. Ryan Falconer, ARUP, Canada


  • Karlyn Stanley, J.D., Senior Researcher (adjunct) and Professor, Pardee RAND Graduate School

Break: 3:30; afternoon session concludes

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