Breakout #20

Breakout Session #20

Physical Infrastructure, Work Zones, and Digital Infrastructure

Wednesday, July 20

Room- Union Square 15 & 16


  • Paul Carlson, Texas A&M Transportation Institute
  • Carl Andersen, USDOT
  • Jerry Ullman, Texas A&M Transportation Institute


There is a growing interest related to the connection between the physical highway infrastructure, digital mapping, and autonomous vehicles. The first third of this session features speakers who will be sharing their research and views on how the physical highway infrastructure may evolve or be managed differently. The middle third of the session will move toward a more specific and dynamic scenario—accommodating work zones. The final leg of the session will be focused on digital infrastructure and dynamic mapping needs for autonomous vehicles.


Physical Infrastructure
Moderator – Paul Carson, Texas A&M Transportation Institute

Smartphone based infrastructure monitoring

  • Jina Wang, Carnegie Mellon University

Vehicle Machine Vision Interactions with Traffic Control Devices

  • Hideki Hada, Toyota (tbc)

Road Markings for Machine Vision, NCHRP Project 20-102(6)

  • Paul Carlson, Texas A&M Transportation Institute

Pavement Markings Guiding Autonomous Vehicles – A Real World Study

  • Chris Davies, Potters Industries

AI (Ambiguous Infrastructure)-When Signing and Pavement Markings Don't Make Sense to Drivers or Machines

  • Scott Kuznicki, TOXCEL

Work Zones
Moderator – Jerry Ullman, Texas A&M Transportation Institute

Michigan Connected Work Zone Initiative (tentative depending on breakout schedules)

  • Collin Castle, Michigan DOT

Texas I-35 Connected Work Zone Initiative

  • Chris Poe, Texas A&M Transportation Institute

What do Automated and Connected Vehicles Need to “Know” About Work Zones?

  • Ross Sheckler, iCone Products

Digital Infrastructure
Moderator – Carl Andersen, FHWA

Update on Year 2 of Japan SIP-adus

  • Ryota Shirato, NISSAN

Mandatory Road Data in the EU

  • Maxime Flament, ERTICO


  • Ahmed Nasr, HERE

Probe Data for Automated Driving

  • T. Russell Shields, Ygomi LLC

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