Breakout #7

Breakout Session #7

Future Challenges for Automated Trucks

Tuesday, July 19

Room- Continental 8


  • Daniel Bartz
  • Karlyn Stanley
  • Mohammad Poorsartep
  • Osman Altan
  • Richard Bishop
  • Steve Shladover
  • Steve Underwood
  • Thomas Stevens
  • Tom Voege


This session will focus on the future challenges and opportunities for deployment of various levels of automated trucks, from Level 1 platooning to full automation. Progress and issues in the regulatory and economic domains will be addressed, as well as new use cases and user-focused system issues such as safety and robustness. A key focus will be on designing, testing, and evaluating the virtual truck driver, including the demonstration pilots, operational testing, and natural use testing which are critical to public and regulatory acceptance. From an engineering perspective, a panel session will investigate the need for a reference architecture to help guide and coordinate designs at the vehicle and system levels for increased interoperability among components and improved efficiency. It will also address the merit of model-based systems engineering. These models will support the testing and evaluation process for functional safety design and certification. This session should provide some ideas on how all of this might come together and help bring in a new era of automated trucking.

The goals of this session are (1) to pick up where we left off from last year’s session and address design, testing, certification, and policy/regulation in more detail, (2) extend the discussion to identify challenges and high priority research topics, and (3) rank and describe highest priority research topics in detail. Desired output is prioritized list of research questions with some detail in description.

This session will be organized around expert panel sessions where questions are provided to the panelists ahead of time. It will be discussion only; no presentation material, there the questions are designed to help focus discussion on critical challenges and research designed to address these challenges. The three panels are:

  • Fleet operations: What do fleet managers need or require and how will they be affected by automation?
  • Cooperative automation How will cooperative automation work and how do we make it happen?
  • Advanced automation: What are the needs, requirements, functions, architectures, technologies, and related standards?


1:30 Introduction, Richard Bishop

  • Tom Alkim overview, video
  • Steve Shladover comments

2:00 Fleet Managers Panel (50 minutes, 10 minute break)

  • Panelists, TBD

3:00: Cooperative Automation Panel (50 minutes; 10 minute break), Richard Bishop

  • Steve Boyd, Peloton
  • Ed Hutchinson, FDOT
  • Aravind Kailas, Volvo
  • Additional Panelists, TBD

4:00: Full Automation & Architecture Panel (50 minutes; 10 minute break), Daniel Bartz

  • Shawn McKay, RAND
  • Panelists, TBD

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