Afternoon Breakout Sessions



Did you know that one of the highest rated features of AVS is our series of Breakout Sessions? These Breakouts are unique to AVS. Session organizers arrange expert speakers on relevant topics and then session attendees debate and discuss the issues. These discussions often include perspectives from around the world. Every Breakout Session generates outputs after the symposium which are posted on the AVS website. Breakout sessions will be held from 1:30 PM – 5:30 PM on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during the symposium. Check back soon for a detailed schedule and agendas for each session.

Road Infrastructure Classification and Traffic Control Devices: Reading the Road Ahead: Insights on Machine Vision
Certification Guidelines and Strategies Including policy and Standardization Aspects
What Are the Top Research Priorities to Facilitate Positive Outcomes?
FHWA Road Weather Management Program: Investigating AV Technologies and Adverse
Certifying Automated Vehicles: Global Testbed Collaboration Plan
Cybersecurity of Automated Vehicles Ecosystem
From Automated Vehicles to Automated Transportation Systems
Automated Vehicles and Vulnerable Road Users: Envisioning a Healthy, Safe, and Equitable Future
Communications Technologies
Autonomous Vehicles: Driving Employment for People with Disabilities 
An AV crash occurs: What Happens Next?
Building Automation into Urban and Metropolitan Mobility Planning
New Innovations in Intersection Control with Cooperative Automation
What’s a Digital Infrastructure, Anyway? Building a Shared Vision for National AV Readiness
Human Factors Session 1
Legal Speed Dating
Trucking Automation: Deployment Challenges and Opportunities
From Construction to Modeling: Connected and Automated Vehicles’ Deployment, Management and Control
Life in the Slow Lane: Automated Low-Speed Shuttles
Safety Assurance of Automated Driving
Energy & Environmental Impacts
Enabling Technologies
Understanding User Needs, Accessible Design, and Deployment Challenges to Maximize AV Benefits
Automating Transit Now, Shared Mobility, Public Transport, and AV Technology
Blockchain in the Automated Vehicle Ecosystem
ITS Architecture and Standards Evolution to Integrate ADS
The Role of Human Factors in the Design of Automated Vehicle External Communication
Ethical & Social Implications of Connected and AVs
Shark Tank II
What We Know: Evidence-based Behavioral Studies of Impacts of AV Systems
Integrating Automated Vehicles on City Streets: An Interactive Scenario Planning Charrette
Accelerating CAV Market Penetration by Leveraging Infrastructure
Artificial Intelligence and Deep Machine Learning Tools and Algorithms for Automated Vehicles: The State of the Art and Practice
OEM/DOT Dialog on Dedicated Lanes, Work Zones, and Shared Data
Policy Implications of Automated Vehicles