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Benefactor & Exhibitor Descriptions



Aimsun develops and supports the integrated Aimsun traffic modelling software, which provides an accurate and cost-effective simulation environment for testing connected and autonomous vehicles. Now with offices in Barcelona, London, New York City, Paris, Portland and Sydney, TSS services 4,000 users in 75 countries, including government agencies, consultancies and research institutions.

American Center for Mobility / Ann Arbor SPARK


The American Center for Mobility is a non-profit testing and product development facility that is purpose-built for testing, verification and self-certification of connected and automated vehicles, and other mobility technologies. ACM is located on a 500-acre site in Ypsilanti Township in Southeast Michigan. Learn More


American Chemistry Council’s Automotive Team are material experts that operate in a political and technological environment managing key issues affecting the automotive plastic and composite market such as enabling automotive mega trends, energy policy, emissions control, recycling, sustainability and emerging and innovative technology development. The Auto Team is focused on pre-competitive initiatives that provide innovative solutions for and in partnership with technology visionaries and innovators, OEMs, suppliers, and the automotive value chain.



Applus IDIADA is presenting its expertise in ADAS and CAV development and validation, as well as its worldwide initiatives in these fields. The company has offices and development centers in 26 countries, with US testing and engineering facilities in Michigan and California.


AutonomouStuff is proud to provide the world's most innovative organizations with the best products, software and engineering services to enable robotics and autonomy. The company was founded with the goal of bringing together the world’s best technologies to enable autonomy and increase safety. The top priority for the team at AutonomouStuff is customer success. Customers value the convenience of finding the most cutting-edge engineering services, perception, computing, GPS and interface components in one location.

Bavarian U.S. Offices for Economic Development, LLC


Home of BMW, Audi and hundreds of automotive suppliers, Germany’s largest state Bavaria is the center of gravity for autonomous driving and mobility tech in Europe. Invest in Bavaria’s teams in San Francisco, NYC & Boston support companies that want to expand their business to Germany.



BB&T’s Autonomous Vehicle Insurance Practice Group facilitates innovation. Steve Miller (Vice President) and Dennis Hernandez lead a team of experts that insure more than a dozen companies actively testing AV across a variety of platforms in multiple states. BB&T’s unique position as a market leader and deep insurance carrier relationships help facilitate the unique coverage solutions critical in this emerging space.

Cepton Technologies


Cepton is a 3D LiDAR solutions provider that is shipping next generation LiDAR products for the automotive, industrial and mapping markets. Cepton LiDAR delivers unrivaled detection, range, resolution and reliability at low cost to enable perception for the fast growing market for smart machines.


Continental develops pioneering technologies and services for sustainable and connected mobility. Founded in 1871, the technology company offers safe, efficient, intelligent and affordable solutions for vehicles, machines, traffic and transport. In 2017, Continental generated sales of €44 billion and currently employs more than 238,000 people in 61 countries. Visit continental-corporation.com for more information.

Datatang Technology Inc.


Datatang is a Beijing based leading global data provider (STOCK#831428) and also the largest data exchange platform in Asia. Datatang's California Sunnyvale subsidiary is mainly targeting autonomous driving and speech industries. We are the trusted partner to many of the most influential businesses in the world.



A not-for-profit, Draper focuses on the design, development and deployment of advanced technological solutions for the most challenging problems. Building on deep expertise in autonomous systems, Draper’s cutting-edge solutions include long-range LiDAR, a MEMS gyro with FOG-like performance and noncontact brain-monitoring technology to detect and help mitigate inattentive driving.

dSPACE, Inc.


Get your autonomous driving functions safely on the road with the dSPACE tool chain. Whether you are developing software functions, modeling vehicles, environment sensors and traffic scenarios, or running virtual test drives, dSPACE offers an integrated tool set perfectly matched for ADAS and automated driving function development. Learn More


Exponent has evaluated performance of driver assistance systems for over a decade. We investigate present-day performance and future evolution of these systems which include ADAS for collision warning and mitigation, autonomous features, and connected vehicle technology. We test and analyze systems both during development and when equipped vehicles are involved in accidents.

FEV North America, Inc.


For nearly 40 years, FEV has been a global leader in the development of mobility solutions for the transportation industry. Our team of experts is passionate about advancing the connected vehicle space through the design, development, integration and validation of smart vehicle technologies. Partner with FEV to create an intelligent, more efficient future mobility solution.

Figure Eight


Figure Eight is the essential human-in-the-loop AI platform for data science teams. Figure Eight helps customers generate high-quality customized training data for their machine learning initiatives, or automate a business process with easy-to-deploy models and integrated human-in-the-loop workflows.


Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI) is the economic development agency of the Federal Republic of Germany.The organization advises and supports international businesses seeking to expand into the German market. GTAI free services include: Project-specific legal and tax support, Incentives and financing option consultancy, Strategic market entry consultancy, site visits, and contact initiation and local support.

Humatics Corporation


Humatics is pioneering microlocation technology, offering millimeter- and centimeter-scale positioning that is faster, more precise, and more affordable than any 3D positioning or location tracking technology on the market. Its breakthrough hardware and software comprise a Spatial Intelligence Platform™ that will revolutionize how people and machines locate, navigate, and collaborate.


Hyundai-Mobis is a global Tier One supplier (#6) to major automotive OEMs with 2015 sales exceeding $30 billion. Mobis has 20,000 employees worldwide in 27 manufacturing sites, 48 aftermarket sales offices and 8 R&D Centers to deliver diverse products ranging from chassis, cockpit and front end modules, brake, steering, and safety systems to multimedia, mechatronics, lighting, and green car parts.



II-VI Incorporated (NASDAQ: IIVI), is a global vertically integrated mass-scale manufacturer of photonic and electronic materials, components and subsystems widely used in automotive and ADAS. Products include semiconductor VCSELs, edge-emitting and diode pumped lasers, fiber components, optics, advanced coatings and thermal management systems. For more information, visit us at www.ii-vi.com.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is affecting every aspect of our daily lives, but none more than Transport. Car buyers see financial and environmental benefits in buying transport services, not vehicles.

With vehicle connectivity and autonomy, this is changing the car, how we use it, and the business model for a global industry. Smart cities need integrated, green, and cost-efficient public transport services. Airports, ports and rail stations will benefit from greater connectivity, optimising the use of existing infrastructure, and rationalising investments. At a time of fundamental change, decisions need to be timely and well-informed so IoT Now has launched a new smart media brand, IoT Now Transport . For details contact Lydia St Pierre Harris at l.harris@wkm-global.com.


Innoviz is a leading provider of high performance solid-state LiDAR technology to enable the mass commercialization of autonomous vehicles. Available now, InnovizPro™ offers unrivaled angular resolution at the highest frame rate. The company’s automotive-grade LiDAR, InnovizOne™, will be available in 2019.

Lynx Software


Lynx Software supports companies building the world’s safest and most secure real-time systems. Our extensive expertise in multi-core, open architecture and modular system software development enables our customers to confidently develop trustworthy open platforms for their customer and market integration, while building systems that are smaller, lighter and more power efficient. We tame the complexity of multi-core system software development.


Magna Electronics provides leading technologies for automated driving to secure connectivity and vehicle electrification. With our competitive position and our culture of innovation, we are transforming mobility. The vehicle of tomorrow will demand a comprehensive range of electronic controls, and sensors to provide drivers with systems that offer enhanced safety and convenience. With our global footprint, innovative designs, deep systems knowledge, Magna Electronics delivers unique electrification and autonomous systems.

Metamoto, Inc.


Metamoto brings best practices for training, testing, developing and validating autonomous system software to world-class enterprises and is a provider of superior simulation-centric products and services. Headquartered in Redwood City, CA, Metamoto was founded in 2016 by a veteran team of enterprise software entrepreneurs with numerous software engineering and autonomous systems successes. The team features scalable continuous test and integration discipline and expertise steeped in simulation, computer vision, machine learning, standards and regulations. To learn more, visit www.metamoto.com.

Mighty AI


Mighty AI provides a platform for managing autonomous vehicle sensor data. We provide the software, expertise, and expert annotators needed to create ground truth datasets for vehicle perception models. By pairing machine learning with human intelligence, we're revolutionizing the way companies generate and manage ground truth data to train and validate their models.

Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI)


MOBI, the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative, is a nonprofit organization working with forward thinking companies, governments, and NGOs to make mobility services more efficient, affordable, greener, safer, and less congested by promoting standards and accelerating adoption of blockchain, distributed ledger, and related technologies.

MSC Software


MSC Software is a global leader in helping product manufacturers to advance their engineering methods with simulation software and services. MSC Software helps companies improve quality, save time, and reduce costs associated with design and test of manufactured products. Academic institutions, researchers, and students employ MSC's technology to enhance knowledge as well as expand the horizon of simulation. For more information, visit www.mscsoftware.com


Munich Reinsurance America, Inc. (Munich Re) offers forward-thinking property-casualty reinsurance coverages and specialty reinsurance and insurance solutions. Within our Mobility Domain, we focus on establishing strategic partnerships and collaborating on pilot projects with our clients to develop risk management solutions for the new era of mobility, including autonomous vehicles, shared mobility, vehicle telematics and crash avoidance systems.

Next Limit


Next Limit, the Simulation Technologies company, developer of cutting edge 3D software solutions, is showcasing ANYVERSE (anyverse.ai). ANYVERSE introduces a high-confidence synthetic dataset production service capable of delivering massive machine-generated datasets for both training and testing/validation processes of autonomous vehicles at a much lower overall cost.



Founded in 2003, OTSL is a technology company that provides high technological capabilities by planning and developing embedded systems, real-time systems, and short-distance wireless communication systems. Its corporate philosophy is "to contribute to the development of human beings by logical thinking and provide highly reliable systems.


Ouster is a leading provider of LIDAR and related robotics technology dedicated to bringing 3D sensing to the masses. We sell the OS-1 LIDAR which is the most capable, powerful, and affordable sensor on the market. We focus on combining advanced technologies with practical, scalable engineering, and pride ourselves on shipping products, not promises.


From counseling startup manufacturers of unmanned vehicles to guiding major corporations’ expansion into the UVS industry, Perkins Coie works with UVS clients on a wide spectrum of issues. We partner with and advise industry players, including those in IoT Automation, in areas such as product liability, patent and licensing, privacy issues, regulatory compliance, M&A, financings, public offerings and private placements.


Perrone Robotics is a robotics software platform company. We have developed an innovative platform, MAX(tm), for robotic control and mobile autonomy. MAX is an amazing software platform allowing users to rapidly configure a solution on any hardware/robot platform with minimal coding, and migrate to another platform with only configuration changes.

Phase One Industrial


Phase One Industrial is a world-leading provider of medium format cameras and imaging solutions, ranging from 50MP to 190MP for aerial and industrial applications. Ease of integration with varied mapping solutions offer a cost effective and efficient tool for reliable, high resolution positional data.


Global Electric Motorcar (GEM) by Polaris is a fully electric, low speed vehicle. Low speed vehicles are streel legal in most states on roads 35 mph or less, although some states extend that limit to 45 mph. GEM can be plugged into a standard 110v outlet and have an impressive range of battery and charging options to ensure you get the range you need when you need it. GEM offers passenger vehicles with 2, 4, or 6 seats and a utility line with a cargo capacity that is competitive with full-size pick-up trucks. To learn more visit GEMCAR.COM.

PTV Group


PTV America, Inc. is the North American subsidiary of PTV Group. We help cities, companies, and people, save both time and money. We’re leaders in delivering and supporting innovative transportation and logistics solutions, and for the application of our state-of-the-art transportation software. Our main focus is to provide expertise in transportation planning, traffic operations, traffic engineering, routing, mapping and optimization for our customers.


Quanergy Systems is the leading provider of LiDAR smart sensing solutions for real-time capture and processing of 3D spatial data and object detection, tracking and classification. Quanergy sensors, based on solid state technology, are disruptive in their cost, performance, reliability, size, weight and power consumption. These affordable LiDAR sensors enable broad deployment of ADAS and autonomous driving systems.



Autonomous vehicle testing and development processes generate massive amounts of data. Quantum’s automotive storage solutions enable in-car storage capacity for complete test cycles; fast ingest rates for prompt access to test data; multi-tier storage to manage cost and performance; seamless scalability to simply add capacity and performance independently; collaboration with teams across departmental, corporate, and geographic boundaries. http://www.quantum.com/automotive

RightHook, Inc


RightHook is the leading provider of autonomous simulation technology, trusted and used by over half a dozen OEMs today. RightHook's platform assists customers with rapid prototyping, AI training and verification of Level 2/3/4/5 systems. RightHook is available for deployment locally or in the cloud providing billions of miles of test coverage.

Robotic Research, LLC


Robotic Research, LLC provides robust autonomous mobility for a variety of platforms, including autonomy in unstructured environments (off road terrain, dealing with pedestrians, in areas without GPS). We provide navigation solutions for a variety of vehicles (including GPS-denied areas), offering navigation units for dismounts, autonomous ground, aerial and surface vehicles.


SAE International is a global association committed to being the ultimate knowledge source for the engineering profession. By uniting over 127,000 engineers and technical experts, we drive knowledge and expertise across a broad spectrum of industries. We act on two priorities: encouraging a lifetime of learning for mobility engineering professionals and setting the standards for industry engineering. We strive for a better world through the work of our charitable arm, the SAE Foundation, which helps fund programs like A World in Motion® and the Collegiate Design Series™. www.sae.org

SBG Systems


SBG Systems offers a complete line of inertial sensors based on the state-of-the-art MEMS technology such as Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS), Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), Inertial Navigation Systems with embedded GPS (INS/GPS), etc. This technology, combined with advanced calibration techniques offers miniature and low-cost solutions while maintaining a very high performance at every level.
Our sensors are ideal for industrial, defense & research projects such as unmanned vehicle control, antenna tracking, camera stabilization, and surveying applications.



Scale accelerates the development of AI applications by helping generate high-quality ground truth data for computer vision teams including Cruise, Voyage and Embark. Scale specializes in a variety of perception use cases and industries including LiDAR point cloud, video annotation, and semantic segmentation with high accuracy and scalable volumes.


We care about the communities we serve—because they're our communities too. That's why at Stantec, we always design with community in mind. We're designers, engineers, scientists, and project managers, innovating together at the intersection of community, creativity, and client relationships. Visit us at stantec.com or find us on social media.


Experts at the Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI) develop solutions to the problems and challenges facing all modes of transportation. TTI’s scope of research programs, facilities and capabilities is unmatched among its peers. The Institute’s research and development program has made significant breakthroughs across all facets of the transportation system.


TRI's mission is to use artificial intelligence to improve the quality of human life. We are dedicated to making automobiles safer, more affordable, and more accessible to everyone, regardless of age or ability, and to expanding the benefit of mobility technology beyond automobiles, for example to in-home support of older persons and those with special needs.

Traffic Technology Services


Traffic Technology Services (TTS) is a technology company and information provider for connected vehicle applications. TTS utilizes existing public infrastructure to communicate to traffic signals and predict signal switch times. Our cloud-based solution, industry standard product, and nationwide deployment allows for immediate vehicle-to-infrastructure integration and applications. We predict traffic control.

Transportation Research Board (TRB)


Transportation Research Board (TRB) delivers practical, innovative solutions to improve how we move. TRB is part of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, an independent, objective, and interdisciplinary non-profit. TRB advises the federal government, convenes experts, and conducts multimodal research on many topics, including connected and automated vehicles.


The Travelers Institute draws upon the industry expertise of Travelers' senior management and the technical expertise of its risk professionals, and other experts to provide information, analysis, and recommendations to public policymakers and regulators.



VectorNav specializes in manufacturing high-performance inertial navigation systems using the latest MEMS sensor and GPS/GNSS technology. VectorNav’s miniature, next-generation inertial products (IMU/AHRS, GPS/INS and GPS-Compass) provide companies in the automotive space low-cost and robust attitude and position solutions to enable autonomous driving and mapping, even under multipath conditions.



VectorZero builds interactive road modeling and traffic simulation tools - primarily targeted towards autonomous vehicle development and testing. Our main product significantly speeds the creation of road networks for simulation. We can create 3D models from real-world data or to test specific scenarios. The product runs on both Windows and Linux and includes tools to generate traffic signals, signs, and other assemblies.


Velodyne LiDAR is recognized worldwide as the leading developer, manufacturer, and supplier of high-performance LiDAR sensor technology used in a variety of commercial applications including advanced automotive safety systems, autonomous driving, 3D mapping, and security. Velodyne’s new VLS-128 features the trifecta of highest resolution, longest range, and the widest surround field-of-view of any LiDAR system available today.


VTTI is working with private and public sectors across the industry to forge a safer transportation system by designing/developing, testing, certifying, and deploying advanced vehicles--including automated and connected vehicles--and leading naturalistic studies that deliver real-world driving data and analytics.


Waymo is a self-driving technology company with a mission to make it safe and easy for people and things to move around. From our beginnings as the Google self-driving car project, we’ve been working to make our roads safer and increase mobility for the millions of people who cannot drive.


Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV) have the potential to change all aspects of mobility – from the way we commute to how we plan and develop infrastructure for future cities and towns. How should governments respond? What are the infrastructure and policy changes governments should consider in response to these new technologies? An industry leader in the field of CAV, WSP USA, formerly WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff, is working with owners and operators as they consider strategy for the implementation of both policy and technology.


Zoox is developing the first ground-up, fully autonomous vehicle fleet and the supporting ecosystem required to bring this technology to market. Sitting at the intersection of robotics, machine learning, and design, Zoox aims to provide the next generation of mobility-as-a-service in urban environments.