Exhibits + Outdoor Demos

Exhibits + Outdoor Demos


Meet with representatives from automated vehicles technology companies showcasing the new products and services and shaping the future of mobility as we know it.

Exhibits are open on Tuesday, July 16 and Wednesday, July 17 from 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM.


NEW FOR 2019! Outdoor Demos

If you want to see the future of automated vehicles in motion, then you’ll definitely want to cruise over to the outdoor demos. Watch as companies showcase the latest in automotive imagination, as they demonstrate various levels of autonomy and the latest in sensor technology on this contained test track just outside the exhibit floor.

Demos will run on Tuesday, July 16 and Wednesday, July 17 from 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM.

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Connected Wise is a technology start-up aiming to make our transportation safer and smarter. Our team is solving rural areas' lacking necessary wireless infrastructure for vehicular communication. The existing technological solution uses wireless communication devices to communicate with connected automated vehicles. Yet, in the rural environment, access to power and fiber optic infrastructure is very limited. Connected Wise's smart vision technology will only use message encoded traffic signs to communicate with vehicles without requiring wireless equipment on the traffic infrastructure. Join the outdoor demonstration and experience how the traffic signs will talk to your car.

Experience autonomous vehicle (AV) functionality by riding in Dataspeed’s Chrysler Pacifica outfitted with a Dataspeed by-wire kit, GPS/RTK, and forward facing Cepton 3D Lidars for object recognition. The Pacifica will interact with a second moving vehicle to show detection and avoidance capabilities of the Autoware/Dataspeed AV software. Riders will also have the opportunity to experience the concept of Tele-operation by steering the Pacifica from the rear seat.

Come take a ride on the most deployed autonomous shuttle in the world at the Automated Vehicles Symposium 2019! EasyMile, Transdev, and Stantec have partnered to introduce the EZ10, an electric driverless shuttle. This shuttle has traveled more than 350,000 miles in a variety of environments (city centers, college campuses, corporate campuses, business parks, etc.), traffic conditions (mixed-traffic with bicycles, pedestrians, low-speed cars, etc.), and weather (extreme heat, snow, and rain). During the demonstration, riders will hop aboard the EZ10 to experience autonomous vehicle operations in a low-speed environment, firsthand. Ask questions, take photos, and learn what it takes to bring this technology to your community!

Luminar is an autonomous vehicle sensor platform company with the vision to power every autonomous vehicle with the first LiDAR capable of making them both safe and ubiquitous. The company has become widely known for its camera-like resolution at range, seeing even as low as 5 percent reflective targets out to 250 meters. Take a ride in the Luminar car to see the powerful technology that 12 of the world’s top 15 automotive companies are now working with as part of global research and development programs to enable level 3 and level 4 autonomy.

Join us for an autonomous demo ride on the World Marriott Resort’s back roads in our new line of TONY™ GEM autonomous shuttles. The TONY™ GEM vehicle is a six-seater Polaris GEM that is street legal to operate on any public road with a speed limit of 35 mph or less. The GEM itself can travel up to 25 mph and is powered by Perrone Robotics' unique and patented MAX® autonomous software engine. During the ride, we’ll handle traffic and pedestrians as they appear just as we would on any normal street. The TONY GEM line is designed for this type of environment where you want smaller vehicles that are more pedestrian-friendly to move passengers around narrower streets and neighborhoods. Perrone Robotics will also have their autonomous Range Rover on display to show the range of possible vehicles that can be used for autonomous transport. We expect to have a TONY™ Ford Transit EV later this year as another option for longer distances at higher speeds.

Stantec creates the connections that get people and goods moving. Our emphasis on the innovative mobility market spans solutions from connected and automated vehicles to bike share programs. Working within the context of the communities we serve, we provide planning, engineering, and asset management services that fit the needs of our clients and improve the transportation experience. Across our 22,000 employees and 400 offices worldwide, we are focused on designing for the world around us.

Transdev is the largest private provider of multiple modes of transport in North America. Our goal is to help our clients provide transit systems that are appealing, convenient, integrated networks that people actively choose to ride. In cities across the world, we’re helping our clients move toward making public transit part of the city’s lifeblood, circulating and connecting riders to the people and places they care about. Part of a global company, we operate in 20 countries on 5 continents.