Proceedings Printables Podcasts Breakouts


Baruch Feigenbaum: Regulatory Policy for Automated Vehicles

Chris Ballenger: Blockchain Enabling Coordinated Autonomy

Chris Schwarz: New Simulation Tools for Training and Testing Automated Vehicles

Dimitris Assanis: Energy and Environmental Implications of Connected and Automated Vehicles

Don Slavik, Todd Benoff- An AV Crash Happens: The Trial

Erik Ruehr: Planning Level Adjustments for CAVs

Jean Ruestman: Automation in Mobility Where are We and Where Do We Need to Go?

Johanna Zmud: Not So Autonomous Cars: A Path to Consumers' Changing World

Jonathan Petit: Automated Vehicles Ecosystem End to End Cybersecurity

Katherine Kortum: Preparing for Automated Vehicles and Shared Mobility

Katie Turnbull: Catching Up with Low Speed Autonomous Shuttles

Lili Du: Enabling Transportation Network

Lutz Eckstein: Safety Assurance of Automated Driving

Michael Clamann: AVs and Vulnerable Road Users

Mike Brown: Connected Infrastructure Systems: Enabling AVs in Smart Communities

Ariel Gold: Data for AV Integration

Mike Davis: Gamechanger: Using Dedicated Lanes for Early AV Deployment

Nicholas Evans: Ethical Algorithms in Autonomous Vehicles

Richard Bishop: Trucking Automation: Deployment Challenges and Opportunities

Richard Mudge: Shark Tank III

Sandra Larson: AV DATA - Who Has it? Who Wants it? What Format?

Scott Kuznicki: Reading the Road Ahead

Sheryl Glaser: How Can Automation Improve Rural Accessibility and Mobility?

Steve Dellenback: At the End of the Road: Off-Road Automation

Ted Bailey: Working with Infrastructure Owner Operators

Val Scienteie: Enabling Technologies A Peek Under the Hood

Yiheng Feng: New Innovations in Intelligent Intersection Management

Yorem Shiftan: Understanding Travel Behaviors in an Automated World

Yuanchang Xie: AI and Machine Learning in Infrastructure Readiness