Nat Beuse

Nat Beuse, Associate Administrator, Vehicle Safety Research,  National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Mr. Nat Beuse works as the Associate Administrator for Vehicle Safety Research at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).  In that role, he is responsible for NHTSA’s vehicle safety research activities which are focused on achieving the agency’s mission of reducing fatalities and injuries caused by motor vehicle crashes.  This includes developing and conducting research aimed at supporting Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and consumer information programs, spurring voluntary industry actions through guidelines, and advancing the state of the art on wide variety of vehicle programs.  He is also responsible for the Vehicle Research and Test Center where a significant amount of laboratory testing and analysis occur.  Programs in the research organization include advanced crash avoidance technologies, vehicle-to-vehicle communications, alternative fuel and battery safety, driver information systems, vehicle dynamics, stability control, tires, vehicle braking, vehicle lighting and visibility, rollover, human injury and accommodation of driver and occupants with disabilities and other special needs.  Mr. Beuse is also responsible for the establishment and conduct of new research initiatives such as vehicle automation, vehicle electronics and cybersecurity, advanced biomechanics, improved frontal crash protection, and heavy vehicle safety.